Learning a Foreign language creates job Opportunities

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new post. Today I'm going to talk about a question that I've been getting quite a lot recently, and that is" What kind of job can I do with my foreign language skills?" or "What kind of job should I do if I'm interested in foreign languages? Now, this is a question that I respect, because I've witnessed a lot of people, investing years of their life into studying a language, kind of with the, assumption that it would naturally improve their career or give them new, opportunities, but without having a plan for how they would use that language. They didn't really benefit from it and ended up being quite frustrated. So, young people who are asking this question, early on, I think you are thinking about things the right way. But the answer to, this question depends on just how you imagine your life in the future and how, far you really want to go with your language study. Now, some jobs are, specifically languag